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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 10, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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with brown hair. follow me on twitter as well. let me know what you think of tonight's show. thanks for watching everybody. i'm megyn kelly. this is the kelly files. welcome to hannity and tonight we're coming to you from texas. now the immigration crisis in this country is literally at a tipping point and that's exactly why we have now travelled to one of the hotspots on the southern border to see firsthand just how badly things are unralphing. earlier today texas governor rick perry gave me a tour of the border. i joined the governor for a private briefing from the texas department of public safety. here's an exclusive look. >> welcome to the front line of the unsecured border. you're about to go on the river
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and go on the air and you're going to have to pinch yourself a couple of times to come back to the fact that you're in america bought ba america. because a lot of the stuff you're going to be seeing looks like you're dealing with middle eastern conflicts. 90% of our undocumented aliens that are apprehended occurs here in the rio grande valley. 84% other than mexicans that are apprehended here occurs in the rio grande valley area. last year, 201 we reached the peak of special interest aliens which are other than mexican aliens that have lengths and ties or that country has links and ties to terrorist organizations. >> this is why the conversations that we're picking up with isis and there's a great concern now from our special operators that
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this new entity of the islamic state is of great concern in using the border to penetrate in here with ill intent. >> they have been responsible for about 642,000 criminal offenses. >> governor, have been down to the border eight times now. eight times and i'm learning things here today that i never knew of and i like to consider myself pretty informed on this issue. 642,000 crimes in seven years. we have brave men and women that are using military tactics to fight what they consider to be cartels. that is a huge story. >> i trust the people, the professionals that work on this border every day. they put their lives on the line. and they have given good intel. they have given good information back to the administration. and all too often it has landed on deaf ears or there is just --
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there is a level of ineptitude of great concern to me. the fact is the president coming to the border, when the president of the united states shows up somewhere, everyone pays attention. and that's my point to him yesterday is that this isn't about politics. it's about showing the american people that you care. that you understand. and that you have an interest in solving the solution -- or solving the problem. >> they're burning right there. >> yeah, that's the city dump. is that mexico or is that the u.s.? >> that's mexico right there. >> got it. >> we are right on the border. one of the things that we asked for some years ago sean was for the united states navy to send some of their vessels that they have on the gulf coast into the
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rio grande because it's a strain for the greater part of it and particularly through this 300 mile southern sector. if you have got a load of drugs over there on 83, then you'll turn and drive as fast and as hard as you can. at that particular point in time he is saying he probably lost that but that's a tactic we have seen. i don't know if it's used as much now as it did a couple of years ago. here's some logic to the strategic fencing works in these met met metropolitan areas and the high trafficking areas. we know where they are and you build the fencing and that makes sense. a simplistic thought of let's build a fence from brownsville to el paso and that will take care of it is a bad use of money and also not that effective.
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is it a better use of our time to have drones flying up and down that very, very desolate part there and you can drop a s.w.a.t. team in very quickly. that's the way you need to deal with it in my opinion. we need the federal government's participation in this. here's strategic fencing right there. see the fencing right there? that's where it starts. right here you can see the open area where you can have an opening it in but this is strategic fencing. this makes sense. border patrol drags that road and they can see if anybody has walked across it. there's a big concrete barrier. there's a fence. and then there's that road.
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>> where are we headed here? >> this is perfect. >> this is the same area. >> these are a highly technical piece of equipment. they're cavlar plated. they have 300 horse and they can run in 12 inches of water. >> they made a difference on the river. >> they made a real difference. >> there's people that think we don't have national guard down here. we have a substantial national guard presence that i directed down here back over the course of the years. but in addition to them, that thousand number national guard that we keep asking for is what is so important. >> when you add that thousand national guard troops, the
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visual of that is what is so powerful. and that is what gets sent to central america very quickly is that this border is not for us anymore. it allows the border patrol to get back to what they do and do best. that's the goal here. impress upon the present or impress upon the administration or impress upon washington that if you want to secure the border of this country, you can. that's the first step in dealing with the humanitarian crisis. if you don't stop the flow it's only going to get worse. so boots on the ground. drones in the air. strategic fencing that you saw out of the helicopter. those three things will secure this border. >> first of all, these boats fly. what have you got? >> we had 900 horsepower it will
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operate into 12 inch of water. this becomes a usable type of a vessel. almost anywhere in the rio grande now we can operate. we realize we weren't going to get the support from the federal government so we have to do something. we made request with the navy to come in and this is an international border. why shouldn't the navy be in here with a show of force. >> what's amazing is these guys are pointing out to me. obviously they're well-known. >> these have been used for years and years. this problem is not new from the standpoint of people from across the country or across from mexico into our country. what's new this is this mass of young people that are used as a distraction for our border patrol instead of doing what they're supposed to be doing
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which is stopping drugs and illegal activities, pushing back on the drug cartels. >> look at the boat behind me. it's well armed. some boat versus been fired upon. >> you need to have this type of deturrent. >> coming up, tex governor rick perry will join to talk about more of what we saw on the exclusive border tour. plus he'll explain why he believes the president should have been on that chopper and on that boat. with more coming up, later today. and also we'll speak directly with a local border patrol agent. does he believe he's getting all the tools he needs from the obama administration to put an end to this crisis. that important interview is still ahead as hannity and this investigation continues. chaos on the border. straight ahead.
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early today i got the opportunity to see what is really happening on the border firsthand and as we showed you just moments ago i toured the region by helicopter and boat with the governor of the great state of texas and with us tonight governor rick perry. you have been very generous with your time. >> glad you came down. >> as i sat through that briefing and i was up on that chopper and i was out on that boat, i'm honored that i got to do it and had the opportunity but i couldn't help but think, especially during that briefing, that the president needed to hear that. >> yeah, the numbers that you saw, the reality that you saw
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and john jones who is a former navy s.e.a.l. runs our fusion center and incredibly capable antiterrorism expert, he gave you a picture of what is happening in this region of the world and frankly what's happening all across the country because they're not just stopping in texas. these individuals that are penetrating in, some 600,000 plus criminal events by illegals that have occurred over the course of the last six plus years. >> this is what he said. he had a pie chart. in the last seven years in the state of texas, 624,000 crimes committed by illegal immigrants against the citizens of texas. >> yeah. >> now that was the one thing that stood out. the second thing that stood out to me, governor, is he talked about where they are apreheading people and where they're coming from. it's not just central america, el salvador and guatemala et
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cetera and honduras it's also yemen, afghanistan, syria, and pakistan. >> historical high numbers this last year in 2013. historical high numbers from those countries you just mentioned. >> what is that -- is that not the single greatest national security threat we have? what would be -- if isis or al qaeda wanted to come through, these guys are coming through, why couldn't they? >> other than having an economy that's not allowing us to be able to fund our military, i would suggest to you this is, if not the number one, one of the highest priorities for this country from a national security standpoint. it's making sure that this border is secure. now the good news is when i met with the president yesterday, he basically said he agreed that the border security things we talked about, securing this border with troops he agreed with. i hope his actions are follow up with that and prove he does care
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about the security of this country and about dealing with this border. >> i want to go back to this briefing this morning. and i probably ask more questions than i should. but i have been to the border 8 times prior and i think i learned more in that briefing than i had in any other meeting i had ever been in and even my own observations but they're talking about these cartels are using military tactics in terms of human smuggling, drug smuggling, criminal activity and then you have to wonder about terrorist activity maybe potentially. how do you fight back when you don't have the resources? >> well, what you also heard was that they saw the same type of tactics in afghanistan and iraq as what you're seeing with these individuals which tends to tell me that the drug cartels and terrorist elements out there are probably in some type of consort. i can't prove that but my instinct is that that's probably what's going on out there. so we need to focus very much on
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securing this border. and we know how to do that. that's one of the things i shared with the president yesterday is we'll certainly work with his folks. show them how to do that. but they have to be willing to. there has to be that will to secure the border and put those national guard troops in place and move everyone forward, if you will. as you know, right across the way here, where we're on the river, the border patrol all too often -- and by the way, the border patrolmen and women are doing an incredible job. these are hard working men and women. >> you knew them all by name. >> they're just good people that want to be up here making a difference but philosophically the administration has historically had them back 40 to 50 miles in the aprehengs business. well, i'm interested in the prevention business. we ought to be stopping people from crossing that border and
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not aprehending them and interesting he did not know that. he -- i'm comfortable that he was not knowledgeable about where his border patrol was stationed and he gave me indications that he would work with them to move them upward where they can be side by side with the border -- or with the dps. and with the other individuals sending that message all the way down to central america. the border is secure and it is shutdown. >> you were able to convince me of something today. i have always been a propoept of build the fence and build it along the entire border. you convinced me today after being up in the chopper and seeing strategically located fences in the more heavily populated areas that if you have the three layers of security and intel including the predator drones and you have more boots on the ground that you would be able to identify anybody that wanted to cross the border and pretty much secure it 100% with
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the boots on the ground. >> using money to build a fence 500 miles from here which is hundreds of miles from any type of metropolitan or rural community doesn't make sense but you can have aviation assets and fast response teams that can very quickly come into those places, make the apprehensions and so boots on the ground, aviation assets and others and the ability to clearly push forward with these individuals and have that presence. you put that type of approach in here and the border will become secure. >> you used a word that you thought every nook and cranny of that border between surveillance and cameras and predator drones that we would be able to identify every single square foot. >> every inch of it. >> every inch of it going all the way up and down. >> we have the technology to know that we can do that. that's the reason i asked the president for the faa's approval
7:19 pm
to use the predator drones down here so the border control could use it as an asset. >> what did he say to that? >> i didn't get a response. >> he didn't respond to a lot of your questions did he? >> well, again, i think that's his nature. but i hope he will go back. he has a sharp window of time. people are going to expect this president to make some decisions and make decisions in a hurry. hopefully congress is going to move very quickly with a piece of legislation that will fund border security property. >> the president has to get on the phone, call the dod and tell them to deploy those national guard troops and my plea with him is we start unpooling this
7:20 pm
problem created by bad public policy and sending incentives to those in different places that you can come here and cross the border and stay here. you send the message that it's important that you don't send your child on that journey. you keep those families together. that's the most compassionate. nightly news is finding bodies of young kids on their ranches and are burying them in anonymous dates. >> there's children being accused on this. so the most humane thing that we can do is clearly send the message that you cannot send your children or loved ones on this trek. if you want to come to the united states, there is a process to do that. there is a line to get in. there is a way to thoughtfully
7:21 pm
go through the process to become a citizen of the united states or get a visa to visit here. but this 1,000 plus mile trip on the back of a train allowing your kids to be abused. to be possibly trafficked once they get here is not a humane way to deal with it. >> one last question, as it relates to the national guard, you realize that as a temporary solution you want that done while simultaneously training enough troops to secure the border. every inch of that border using the technology. here's the question. what number do you think it would take just for texas alone? number of people hired to secure that border completely? >> 1,000 national guard troops the in a temporary basis as you rightfully identify and then 3,000 dedicated border patrol agents in the state of texas. we think that is the minimum amount to do the type of security for the long-term
7:22 pm
purposes. i don't want to go past a year. here's what i do know. you will move forward to border patrol. if you will allow texas and our local law enforcement officials, there's a fabulous group of people to work with and that message will be sent back to central america so fast. they talk to each other every day. faith based like you said yesterday that these conversations are being monitored. they hear what they're saying and they're saying this is a wonderful place. come on up. that message has to stop and the way to stop it is to secure this border with a show of force both military and other law enforcement wise and we can do that. >> governor, you have been very generous with your time. >> thanks for being here. this is an important story for america. >> important for america to see. >> thank you.
7:23 pm
appreciate it. >> you'll do just fine here. >> and by the way, i vote the right way. people are going to come to texas, don't bring the policies of new york, illinois, pennsylvania, new jersey with you. >> people that come to texas, we call them givers. >> good to see you governor. >> and part two of my interview with governor perry right here on the border will air tomorrow night. meet the border patrol agent that says that the obama administration is aiding, abedding and facilitating the illegal aliens crossing the border. and later we'll talk with local residents about the situation in their neighborhoods including a land owner that says are invading his property every single day. he has stunning photos that prove it. that and much more as handy continues from the lone star state straight ahead. hey pal? you ready?
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7:27 pm
it's no laughing matter as a surge of illegal immigrants are flooding across the texas border right behind me. joining me is a border patrol agent. he says the federal govern suspect aiding and abeding these illegals. here to tell me what he means by this and what they have to do to get the job done is the border patrol agent. >> did you get in trouble for speaking out? >>. i'm the spokesperson for the national border patrol council. >> you have been told not to speak out. >> it's been put out there before. >> who told you not to speak out? >> as border patrol agents we're not allowed to speak to the media but a spokesperson is able to communicate to the media and american public. >> so you're speaking for the agents that you talk to each and every day. >> that's correct. >> and they are telling you that our government, our federal government is aiding and abedding in what's going on behind me. >> that's correct.
7:28 pm
we meet with our border patrol agents on that basis and those are some of the things coming out in these meetings and those are some of the information that they're telling us. >> i was in the briefing this morning as you know. and in that briefing i was told that people from syria, pakistan, yemen, other countries, afghanistan are coming in and are being apprehended. are your agents telling you about that? >> they are telling us that we're seeing them from all over the world including some of the countries that you mentioned. >> we hear about otm which stands for, other than mexico. >> meaning from other countries. right now there's a difference in the law and distinction if a child from mexico comes here, they can be sent back expeditiously but that's not the same because of what the 2008 laws as relates to kids from central america? >> that's right. we treat otm differently than aliens from mexico or canada. right now what is happening is our government is pretty much releasing and giving these otms
7:29 pm
a free pass into our country. we're very concerned about it. we want to make sure that our boarders are secured and patrolled by our agents and be able to do our job. >> tell us about what the agents are able to do every day. a couple were shot at and rocks flo thrown at them. they are used terms like the cartels are using military tactics. what are they telling you is happening to them on the border? >> our agents are attacked by these drug cartels and it includes having shots fired at them assaults and yes happening even in the arizona border we had the mexican military even attack our agents. >> so let me ask you about this. when you say that the federal government is aiding and abedding, sounds like they're supposed to be protecting this border. what do you mean specifically? >> actually what's happen as good that the federal government is actually completing the smuggling cycle by having a parent sending their child to
7:30 pm
the u.s. border, having them smuggled. that's only part of the smuggling cycle and then the federal government steps in. we aprehead them and then release them to their family members in the u.s. we just completed that smuggling cycle. why would anyone want to hire a smuggler when the u.s. government is doing it for free. >> in other words when your agents put their lives on the line and sometimes they're violent incidents and they do their job, those people that broke the law, they still end up staying. what does that do to the psyche, the psychology of these guys? what do they say to you? >> our border patrol agents come to work every day with their head up high. they're good on what they do. we are trained very well. however at this point our resources are running dry and morale is at a very low level but our agent dos the job as best as they can. >> is it true what we keep hearing in that the agents attention has now been diverted? the boarders are less secure
7:31 pm
than ever because they now have to take care of all of these kids. all of these centers where all of these people are and they're not doing the job that they were hired to do. not through any fault of their own. is that true? >> it's very true. as a matter of fact 70% of our border patrol agents have been reassigned for processing. taking care of the aliens, feeding them, transporting them and it's leaving a very poris border. to say our boarders are more secure than ever. >> you know the cartels we're talking about when i sat in the briefing today they told me about cartels and criminal organizations, do you know exactly who they are? >> no, we don't. we do know there's high level criminal organizations that are very dangerous and when it comes to the unaccompanied children coming to this country illegally they're falling prey to these cartels. >> one off the question and member brian terry was killed and operation fast and furious. are you still finding guns from
7:32 pm
that? >> no, we have not seen that recently. not to my knowledge. >> okay. thank you for being with us. appreciate it. >> coming up, two local residents being directly impacted and effected by the surge of illegals, they're going to join me on set and explain how they feel about this crisis. also later we'll hear about two religious leaders as we continue our broadcast from the southern border. america's border chaos as hannity investigates continues. ♪ [ male announcer ] ginger is always there,
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welcome back to hannity. we are broadcasting tonight from texas. one of the hotspots on the southern border. the rio grande behind me and as
7:37 pm
illegal immigrants continue to flood this town and others, local residents are raising their concerns about their neighbors and of course the neighborhoods. joining us right now are southern texas, south texas land owner dr. mike vickers and county constable is with us. good to see you. thank you. you were telling me that -- i saw a report on nbc last night. i don't usually watch nbc but that's all they had and they actually showed in a newscast ranchers, you're a rancher, where on their property they are seeing they walk through their property and there are dead bodies of sometimes young kids. has that ever happened to you? >> absolutely. it's a frequent occurrence in brooks county, sean. give you an example. >> yeah. >> 2012, 254 dead bodies found on private property, ranch property, most of them within 20
7:38 pm
minutes of my front door. >> what period of time? >> since 2012. since 2005, over 600 and we probably only find 20 or 25% of them. >> and then they just have these unmarked graves and they just bury need. >> well, a lot of these bodies that we find are already scavanged by as a runimals. we find decomposing bodies. >> we try to at least catch them here or detain them here and the reason for that is because women and children may be raped or d kidnapped for ransom and who knows what happens to them. >> you're telling me that seven
7:39 pm
illegal immigrants moments ago were caught. >> probably within the last 30 minutes there were seven undocumented immigrants that came across. >> down river from here. >> about a quarter of a mile. >> about a quarter of a mile. you can see the conditions right now. it was raining. and they're risking their lives getting them across but they did get across. >> this is a family and they knew, they were from el salvador. >> i'm not sure where they were from. >> they told me that moments ago. >> yeah. >> what about the criminal element? one of the things i was briefed on is the idea that if you look at the last six or seven years in texas, home invasion, rape, murder, drug dealing, it runs the gamete and a lot of it is happening in texas, especially here in south texas. have you experienced that? >> absolutely. we have a border watch group called the texas border volunteers that go out an owl of the private property and report the criminals with their human cargo in or drug cargo in and
7:40 pm
there's a huge criminal element. a lot of the people that the borderapprhend. we have all of the different criminal organizations bringing them in. >> what are they doing to the southern border towns? what are they doing to people? >> most of them are getting deported and quite frankly a lot of them -- >> what crimes are they committing against people in the town. >> oh, well, a lot of these dead bodies that you mentioned. these guys are the ones leading them through the private property. they dupe them of their money for one thing. they tell them they'll be in the brush for 10 or 20 minutes and 12 hours later they're out there in the harsh environment. they go down and they don't call 911 and that's where we find them dead. >> they think that houston is an hour away from here. it's not. it's 320 and or 30 miles from
7:41 pm
here and that's our biggest fear but not only that. we do have a humanitarian effort to help the women and children and family units coming across but at the same token we have illegal drugs coming across. the smugglers trying to get those that don't want to get caught. they cause harm to our citizens here and those are the elements that we have to take care of. we got border patrol agents that are processing these undocumented aliens. send them and put more boots on the ground. >> what is your take on washington? obviously the governor has this meeting with the president yesterday. what is your take on what washington is or isn't doing? >> sean t border patrol do not have the resources to shut this border down. texas has stepped up. the governor has stepped up putting these eps patrolmen down here along the border. it's a made difference. you know, it's probably help shut that traffic down 80%.
7:42 pm
they work side by side with the border patrol. we definitely need more border patrol agents and the government's recommendation is a thumbs up for me. our sheriff's department, like the sheriff's department that i -- in the county i live in, brooks county, they only have four deputies to patrol probably close to 1,000 square miles. one deputy in an 8 hour shift. so we're pretty much on our own out there. we depend on the border patrol for protection. >> do ranchers feel you need to take your security in your own hands. i don't mean that in a negative way. >> we are forced to be very vigilant. we have dogs around the house that will alert us whenever the traffic is coming up. we're constantly vigilant and we're constantly armed with a cell phone and a firearm. >> you know, brooks county which is just to the north of us is not considered a border county under the grant guidelines to be able to get grant monies.
7:43 pm
they need to be considered that. >> that's the thing, sean. our sheriff's department, any border, i mean, any county that has a border patrol checkpoint needs to be considered a border county so that they can receive the federal resources to be able to have the manpower and the resources to be able to help us. >> i think a lot of people may be watching and thinking this isn't effecting me. it's not my county but the reality is the people now are -- there's a lot of illegal immigrants in new york where i live and they probably crossed here. guys good to see you. appreciate it. >> you bet. >> thank you very much. >> you got an open invitation to come out with us sometime. >> we have been doing this all day. i think i'd rather go eat some barbecue. >> there you go. >> hang on one second guys. coming up, two religious leaders take us inside the humanitarian effort and crisis in the sport of war as the hannity investigation continues. we're in texas with the rio grande right behind me. we'll continue.
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welcome back to hannity from the southern border in the lone star state. with the influx of illegal immigrants we're seeing a major humanitarian crisis here on the border. providing assistance and relief for a lot of these people. especially women and children. and here to explain exactly what they're doing from catholic charities, the president and ceo father larry snyder. good to see you guys. >> good to see you. >> welcome. i believe for example that the most -- that the humanitarian thing to do, tell me if i'm wrong and i know you're coming at this from a christian vantage point is we have to make sure these kids are taken care of. we have to give them the health care they need. some of these kid versus lice and stapes and they need food and they need shelter but don't they also need to go back home to their mothers and fathers? >> i think there's a legal question. there's a justice question and then there's a humanitarian
7:50 pm
question. >> right. >> and we tend not to focus on what the politicians are going to decide. for us it's like you got -- you have children in front of you, what are you going sdp this is not meant to be there. so... >> there is a recent poll system said 138 million people surveyed from around the world want to come to america. this is having a massive impact, i'm sure just hue man tear dwrin work is keeping you up.
7:51 pm
is that right? >> that is right. >> so we've got problems here, do you not, i don't think it's a affordable question. it's a moral one. are kids not better off than their moms and dads they've been separated from? >> the question i have. >> there is no region in honduras. i talked about how he was out among his parishioners. young people telling him i'm going to be alive only 4, 5 more years because if i stay here and the gang violence. so why don't i try to get out. ? we need to work with those governments. >> do you remember the elian
7:52 pm
gonzales case in miami? people thought he belonged back with his father. then, janet reno sends agents in the dark of night. i just agree with both, i admire what you're doing we're a compassionate country. we have to feed the kids but i do think get them back to their moms and dads. >> they're coming here to be with their families, too. >> sometimes. a lot of them are unaccompanied. >> kids need to be with their parents in a safe environment. we need to help make that happen. >> you want them to be come here illegally and to be able to stay is >> no. boy like to be able to stay at home. that is their right to be home, and safe in their homes, it's
7:53 pm
something we need to work together to make that happen. >> father? >> i know a lot of people probably want to help. how desperate are things here? >> i probably should not say this. we're not running out of money. we can use more but i'm -- my office is in washington, d.c. i've been watching what the sister is doing with the staff and am amazed at how the community stepped forward. >> they're providing food, supplies? >> clothing and blankets. >> and so sister norman can probably say what the greater needs are. i would say things are not desperate. people have been very generous. >> no. it's generosity. >> does it scare you how porous the border is? >> these kids are walking across a bridge. it's a bridge. it's not like -- >> they're getting people from yemen, pakistan, afghanistan and
7:54 pm
some other countries i wonder if maybe people that don't have our best intentions at heart. does that worry you? >> yes. >> it does. >> it's something to worry about. yes. of course. >> well, with that said, thank you for the good work you're doing. taking care of those kids. we had a slight political disagreement that doesn't matter, god bless you both. we have more hannity coming up right after the break. we'll continue broadcasting straight ahead. each year, 95% of homeowners won't have a claim.
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welcome back to "hannity". unfortunately that is all the time we have left this evening. thanks for joining us. tomorrow night at 10:00 we'll still be broadcasting from texas and show you part two. thanks for being with us we'll see you back here, tomorrow night.
8:00 pm
the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> apparently playing a game of pool is a higher priority for this president than it would be to go and see the humanitarian crisis he has created. >> the disastrous situation on the southern border has opened up opportunities for some republicans who may run for president. tonight, we will have the inside story on that. >> the one tool they have are articles of impeachment. let's get going on that. >> the "wall street journal" chiding sarah palin for suggesting president obama be impeached. bernie imoltd berg has some thoughts. >> said i was too young, too soft. communism. i told them i was ready and they trusted me. >> they still do. >> and killing kennedy t